Personalized Life Coach

An existential therapeutic based format, designed to lay the personal foundation of healing that will move you from the stronghold of past trauma, pain, and fear to the freedom of hope. You will acquire the ability to connect well with others, find the courage to take and keep personal control over your life, empower your ability to dream again, and engineer and accelerate an intentional formula to create and
navigate your most exceptional life.

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What you will receive from this program:

  • Assessment of personal strengths, personality profile
  • Identification of gifts, talents, life patterns, and perceived challenges
  • Develop an accountable values-based life-style (a reality check)
  • Directional movement from emotional pain to emotional stability
  • Harnessing the power of hope to awaken unfulfilled dreams
  • Cultivating an attitude of optimism and confidence
  • Effective communication principles (verbal & non-verbal)
  • Formulating heathy emotional boundaries (and other boundaries)
  • The importance of the perspective of the “Other”
  • Create networking connections with like-minded association
  • Building community to establish an uplifted preferred future
  • Collaboration, presentation of professional or dream goal, resource sharing

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“Our lives are a precious gift from God. Our greatest challenges are meant to become our most treasured events to build our faith, our resilience, and our character. Enabling us to fearlessly embrace and navigate this journey called life” -- - Mie Tsuchimoto, MA, MPC, LMFT


An all-encompassing coaching platform specifically designed by a licensed psychotherapist, to enable each of you to heal, hope, and transform into your most confident self, attain the personal prosperity you desire, achieve your professional goal, or discover, define, and design the significant impact enterprise that you choose to imprint on this world.

What to expect:

Coaching Plan:

  • 3 scheduled monthly group coaching sessions with discussion (60 minutes via Zoom)
  • 1-2 private coaching calls per month
  • Group collaboration via private social media page
  • Recommended reading list, informational videos, podcasts, interactive homework
  • A live presentation of your story, your professional goal, or your global dream goal

Kickoff Date:

  • Group Session Begins September 2021 and runs through August 2022


  • $497 per month for 12 months – includes assessments, curriculum, group sessions, and private sessions.


“Everyone needs a ‘Mie’ in their life…”
--Michelle Myers, Ret. Navy

“She is different, a bright and shining light…..”
-- Sherria Ferguson

“I had a traumatic childhood and was afraid to become a mom, Mie showed me how to gain the courage overcome that fear. Oh yes, there’s a baby girl on the way…..”
--Marla Munding